Why I love design

The other day I was working on a logo and my girlfriend was sitting next to me. I asked her for her opinion.

“It looks great,” she says.
I looked at it again, something wasn’t quite right. I moved one element, re-sized another and as she watched, her mouth dropped open.
“THAT looks so much better… but it was just a tiny change.”

THIS is why I love design. I love that the slightest movement makes a world of difference. I love that when everything is perfectly balanced, regardless of the math the logic, the science behind it, people feel it.

I love this calendar by Fabien Barral.

My love of design extends well beyond the graphic variety too. Sometimes I am tempted to buy things I don’t need just because they are beautiful. There is something to be said for being surrounded by beautiful things. When I was younger and more punk rock, I had the idea that buying beautiful, well made things was frivolous and I aimed for the cheapest/most ethical option. Now I still prefer things that are made using ethical practices (I will always spend a little more for something that comes from a good company over a sweatshop.) The difference is that now I will buy a fancy table or lamp if it is really beautiful. I’m pretty sure that it helps me to be a better designer and I know it makes me feel more calm in my space.

This desk found on Design Sponge is incredible.

Aesthetics affect people. This is why well designed products often do so much better than others that might not be designed as well. We WANT to interact with those nice things. We are rooting for them to be awesome. In the end you still have to have a quality product but a good design an be the deciding factor for someone trying to decide between one or another.

I don't even like honey, but I want to eat it out of this bottle.

Designers very often control freaks. And seriously, that’s a very good thing. All those details are part of what make these things so very beautiful.

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